Affiliate Marketing Notice

My Smoky Mountain Guide provides links to third party websites throughout our site. Some of these links go to websites where we have an affiliate relationship. These relationships help us maintain our website without charging guests a fee to use our site.

How Does it Work?

When we refer someone to a website where we have an affiliate relationship, we may receive compensation from them when/if the referred visitor makes a purchase from their website. However, we do not always receive a commission or payment.

For example, we provide links to where visitors may book a hotel room. If you use one of our links to go to, we may receive a commission from them only after you book a room, make a payment to them, and complete your stay.

Note: you will not pay more for your hotel room or any other product when you use our links.

Google Ads

Google places ads on My Smoky Mountain Guide’s pages and posts. Google pays us a small fee (usually less than .25 cents) when a visitor to our website clicks on one of their ads under certain conditions. Google tracks the clicks, not My Smoky Mountain Guide.


When you click on a Google Ad, a link to purchase show tickets, to book a hotel, or similar links on our website, we may receive compensation. You do not pay more for the product by using our links.

Contact Information

Concerns or questions about this can be directed to us via our contact page for further clarification.