33. Oconaluftee River Trail

Oconaluftee River Trail is a short and easy hike with quick access from the Oconaluftee Visitor Center. In addition to hikers, dogs and bicycles are allowed. The open-air Mountain Farm Museum is an optional stop at the trailhead.


31. Ramsey Cascades Trail

Ramsey Cascades is the tallest waterfall in Great Smoky Mountains National Park at 105 feet. The beautiful waterfall drops down rock outcroppings and gathers in a small pool. There are several places to get great photos with the waterfall in the background.


29. Kephart Prong Trail

The hike to Kephart Shelter is 2.0 miles in each direction. Kephart Prong Trail parallels the Kephart Prong of the Oconaluftee River and is a nice place to enjoy the sites and sounds of the river. In addition, quite a few historical remnants remain from early 20th century buildings.


28. Charlies Bunion via Appalachian Trail

Charlies Bunion is a popular rock outcropping destination on the Appalachian Trail, primarily reached by experienced hikers. The hike is not especially strenuous, but a few drop-offs require careful attention. Our rating is moderate, although the second half of the trail is more strenuous.


27. Porters Creek Trail

Wildflowers are in abundance at the trailhead and along the first two miles of the trail. Some say that a spring hike on Porters Creek Trail is unequaled in the Smokies. The best time to see wildflowers is from April to May, although the trail is open year round.


24. Appalachian Trail

The 1.7-mile hike listed here is but a taste of the Appalachian Trail. This section begins at the Newfound Gap parking area and ends at the Road Prong Trailhead (Indian Gap parking area).


23. Alum Cave Trail to Mt. LeConte

Alum Cave Trail is arguably the easiest route to Mt. LeConte. Along the way, hikers will enjoy some of the best geological features in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Alum Cave Bluffs and Arch Rock are two highlights.


22. Trillium Gap Trail to Grotto Falls

Grotto Falls is located 1.3 miles from the Trillium Gap Trail trailhead. It is famous for being the only waterfall in Great Smoky Mountains National Park where you can walk behind the falls. You will appreciate the cool, misty spot if you are hiking in the summer heat. Enjoy it, and be safe.

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