34. Albright Grove Loop Trail

The old gravel road on Maddron Bald Trail gives way to a narrow forest trail about 2.3-miles from the trailhead as you enter a magnificent old-growth forest. The old trees reach to the sky and provide an amazing experience unlike any other in the park. You have almost arrived at Albright Grove Loop.


31. Ramsey Cascades Trail

Ramsey Cascades is the tallest waterfall in Great Smoky Mountains National Park at 105 feet. The beautiful waterfall drops down rock outcroppings and gathers in a small pool. There are several places to get great photos with the waterfall in the background.


30. Old Settlers Trail via Maddron Bald Trail

Old Settlers Trail has more historical remnants than any other trail in the park. Early settlers flourished in this area. Many communities were built, then abandoned when park founders took the land for the park through eminent domain. Although this hike is included on our list of 38 Popular Day Hikes, you may want to finish it over two days.


17. Old Sugarlands Trail

Old Sugarlands is a wide trail and does not have any dangerous drop-offs to worry about. The surface is an old mountain road and still looks like a two-lane road through the woods. Signs along the trail point to the Sugarlands Cemetery, an abandoned schoolhouse, and other points of interest.


6. Rich Mountain Trail

This is a great trail near a wonderful attraction, but you won’t see many other hikers. Solitude is abundant on this trail. Views of the valley, amazing wildflowers, deer, and wild turkeys, can be expected on the Rich Mountain Trail.

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