Campground Regulations

Any of the campgrounds in Great Smoky Mountains National Park are a great place to stay. The "Campground Regulations" lay out the rules for making reservations, quiet hours, food storage, firewood, and more. Be sure to read through the official regulations before deciding if camping is for you.


Backcountry Regulations

The National Park Service has issued backcountry regulations regarding hiking, camping, fires, disposing of waste, encountering wildlife, and more. We provide the regulations here.


Paws in the Park Pet Policy

Pets are treasured companions for a lot of people. Increasingly, families want the family dog by their side, even when they go on vacation. Due to the number of people traveling with their pets, the National Park Service created a pet policy. For the health and safety of all the critters, including yours, laws regulating where your dog can and cannot go are enforced.

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