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Gatlinburg: A Family Vacation Tradition

Gatlinburg, Tennessee is a quaint little town nestled in the mountains bordering Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It is one of the earliest settlements in the Smoky Mountains, and it is popular with vacationers.

With less than 5,000 residents, this small town provides guests a mountain experience second to none. There is something exciting to do for everyone; from solitary travelers to newlyweds or retired couples.

Southern Living magazine’s readers voted Gatlinburg as their #1 Mountain Town for 2020. Perhaps it’s the homey Appalachian charm.

The majestic Smoky Mountains surround Gatlinburg. On many mornings, a smoky fog rises from the valley and creates a picturesque mountain view.

Downtown is best experienced on foot. We suggest that you leave your car in the parking lot and walk when you are in the downtown area. It is suitable for walking, and parking can be a challenge. This isn’t a negative, since you will want to walk anyway.

The city of Gatlinburg is famous for several things, and couples visiting on their honeymoon is high on the list. Family vacations to Gatlinburg are a tradition we believe is well warranted. Many families make a visit to Gatlinburg an annual event. Who can blame them? It’s beautiful and fun!

We want you to feel welcome and comfortable here, even before you arrive. That’s why we have put together a list of things to do, food and beverage establishments, and lodging options.

Come prepared, and come to have a good time!

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Things to Do | Gatlinburg, TN | My Smoky Mountain Guide

Things to Do | Gatlinburg is the perfect setting for family vacations, honeymooners, senior couples, single folks, group events, and more. There is plenty to do here.

Do you want to hike, snow ski, ice skate, visit a museum, play interactive games, ride a tram, see a comedy show, or be fooled by a magic show? Then you simply must come to Gatlinburg.

We have two categories for things to do: Attractions & Entertainment or Outdoor Adventure.

Food & Beverages | Gatlinburg, Tennessee | My Smoky Mountain Guide

Food and Beverage | Gatlinburg is home to some pretty amazing eateries. Our local restaurants are hard to beat, so you might as well enjoy some local fare.

In addition to our restaurants, Gatlinburg is proud of the local wineries. You may be surprised at the selection of great wines you can find here.

Lodging | Gatlinburg, Tennessee | My Smoky Mountain Guide

Lodging | Where are you staying? You don’t have a place yet? We are here to help. Many guests choose to rent one of the many cabins and chalets. If you want to stay close to the action, we recommend that you stay at one of the top rated hotels and motels.

For those of you looking for something in between, check out the resorts and condos. Finally, for all of the campers out there, Gatlinburg has campgrounds and RV parks that will make you happy.

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