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Cherokee: A Culture. A People. A Place.

Historic Cherokee

Enter Cherokee, North Carolina and be transported back to the 18th and early 19th centuries.  The Cherokee Indians lived, worked, and played in these mountains. Located near a popular entrance to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Cherokee is a unique vacation experience.

No one knows for sure when the Cherokee first migrated to this region. We do know it was hundreds of years ago. Tribes found a beautiful landscape here and settled throughout the region. They had homes, hunted, grew crops, made clothing, and traded with other tribes.

After the Europeans arrived, life increasingly became complicated. The new Americans expanded in number and began moving away from the coastal towns founded by early explorers. As the newcomers moved closer to tribal lands, conflict arose.

Over the years, the Indians entered into dozens of treaties with various people and governments seeking to make life easier for both peoples.

Although the U.S. Congress promised them that they could live on designated land forever, the government reneged and forcibly removed them. Beginning in 1830, thousands of Indians died in the mandated march west of the Mississippi River.

This tragic migration west is now known as the “Trail of Tears”.

Contemporary Cherokee

The folks of Cherokee, North Carolina invite you to participate in a unique vacation experience. Come experience the Smokies like never before. There is plenty to do here.

Get wet and wild in the surrounding rivers. Grab a tube and float down the river with your friends. Take a helicopter ride over Great Smoky Mountains National Park or fish for trout in mountain streams.

For a look back at the Indian life, make a point of visiting the Museum of the Cherokee Indians. In addition, you should see Unto These Hills. This popular outdoor drama depicts their history, including the trail of tears tragedy.

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Cherokee Things to Do | Cherokee, North Carolina

Things to Do | Cherokee, North Carolina has plenty of things to do. Whether you are single, a married couple, a family of ten, or a large group, Cherokee is a fun place to visit. The attractions and entertainment and the outdoor adventure will keep you busy.

Cherokee Food & Beverage | Cherokee, North Carolina

Food & Beverage | Cherokee, North Carolina is ready to surprise you with great food and beverages. A number of local restaurants offer fresh food with fresh ingredients cooked to perfection.

Cherokee Lodging | Cherokee, North Carolina

Lodging | The lodging in Cherokee, North Carolina is first class. Be pampered at the luxurious Harrah’s Cherokee Resort (hotels and motels) or stay in a rental cabin with all the amenities of home. Of course, the campgrounds and RV parks welcome the campers.

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