Episode 6: Titanic Museum Attraction & Gatlinburg Skylift Park

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Podcast Notes

On its maiden voyage from England to New York in 1912, this “unsinkable” ship sailed for just five days before slamming into an iceberg. When the Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean, more than 1,200 people died in an icy cold sea.

The Titanic Museum Attraction houses the largest collection of Titanic artifacts in the world. In 1987, John Joslyn, the museum’s owner, led the expedition to recover the artifacts from the ship’s resting place 2.5 miles under the water’s surface.

The original artifacts, worth more than $4,000,000.00, are beautifully displayed here. The interactive museum gives guests an opportunity to see how the ship was built, ascend the grand staircase, dip fingers into 20+ degree water, and imagine traveling as a passenger.

The most famous artifact on display is the Hartley Violin. Hartley and his small ensemble of musicians, valiantly played hymns while the ship sank in an effort to provide a sense of peace to passengers.

In this episode, Marc and Ann talk about their visit to the museum, lunch at Hard Rock Café, and how you can get discount tickets.

A bonus ending includes a conversation with Ann’s sisters about their recent trip to the Gatlinburg Skylift Park. The Skylift takes passengers to the top of the mountain where you can walk on North America’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge between two mountains. Since this episode was recorded, the Skybridge added additional panels, now totaling six. These panels are in the middle of the bridge where you stand 140 feet high above the valley.